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I have received nothing but PERFECT bows and LOVE the unique prints and styles!

Bows are different than clothes, they last ALOT longer through the years! 

You won’t be unsatisfied with your purchase! 

Andrea Holmes

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Jamie Alexander

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"I don't think she'll be a bow girl," - Me. 

Those are my famous last words. I really did not think I would have a frilly little tot rocking and ruling my world. I was not a frilly girl. Ever. Why would she be? I bought one bow before my darling daughter, Avery James, was born. She wore that bow a few days after coming home from the hospital & hasn't gone a day without wearing one since! I was buying bows left and right. Every outfit had to have a matching bow, am I right? Those big bows can put big dents in pocket books so I got creative and started making my own. After doing tons of research and trial and errors (which still happens frequently), I decided to share my designs with all of you in hopes to bring smiles to you and your babes faces & save you a little extra cash at the same time!